Starbucks in Vienna, VA

362 Maple Avenue, East

Vienna, VA 22180


My many years at the Pentagon included taking lunch at the Starbucks,

and while in line waiting for my 6 green tazo, sweetened, iced teas,

(1 for me, and 5 for a particular office - everytime I'd do this),

I'd take care of the cost for everyone in line. And of course,

I kindly asked staff to take a lonnnnnnnngggggggg time to make

those green tazo, sweetened, iced teas. It was my lunch time, so

I could do what I wanted to. I chose that to do.

Now, I get the opportunity to visit Starbucks in Vienna, VA

So on this 11 November 2019, I chose to spend it getting some

Starbucks for someone

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can include service to others.

My thanks to Starbucks Vienna, and Gina Fusari the Regional Supervisor for being

the awesome part of freedom!


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