Megan Windland, Technical Recruiter

with Metro Systems, Inc.

For our Military or Public Safety that transition to private industry

you need someone who is professional, and able to get you

the best possible opportunites for your next great adventure.

Reach out to Megan just for that!

or on Linkedin

"Character traits such as honor, loyalty, trustworthiness are rarely seen except when you

interact with Megan. Her tremendous integrity and dependability are marks that are

always evident in her. If she has controls then you can be sure that the response will be

CAVU (ceiling and visibility unlimited) as she is thorough and has your back.

No one can compete with her caliber, performance, and

personality! I highly recommend her.

Dave Minyard

Retired DoD (AT/FP SME, E911, Telecommunications,

Radar, Pentagon Heliport Crash Line Program Manager)

CEO of Prism Consulting and Eagle's Watch Foundation"