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How do you see conflict resolution/crisis management? Do you envision a desired endstate or outcome and work back from there to the present to develop a way ahead? Do you see orgs or groups, including family, in terms of tribe? How do you bring leadership to chaos? The two hardest truths about being a leader are: 1) persuading those above to let you do your job; and, 2) letting those below do theirs. An absolute truth is nothing trumps experience in leadership, including enthusiasm and prestige or even intellect.

The object of leadership is success of the enterprise where performance is the only measurement. Persuasion is the key to leadership and a critical element of successful leadership is morale where motivation is the key to morale and credible cheerleading is the key to motivation. A most important aspect of leadership is managing risk knowing that risk is the fuel to achievement, the measure of success.

My experience as a former pro football player and career Navy fighter pilot, commander and admiral with extreme experiences in war have imbued me with skills in teamwork, leadership and handling difficulties in rare combination.
I led troops in combat in global hot spots over the years to victory that not only taught me how to be a successful leader, but guaranteed the success of my enterprises. I helped Bill Belichick and positively impacted his teams by elevating teamwork to a championship level. Get lessons of victory beating Iraqi forces 80,000 to nothing without a single loss of American special operations forces. Learn how to improve your team with time honored practices of the most popular sport in the country—the NFL—and most admired American institution—the US military.
What I offer is practical real-world experience that has yielded an expertise that is instructive as well as inspiring and entertaining.

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