Humanitarian Forecasted Projects


Hurricane, Tornado, DisasterRelief in the Midwest, United States


Hurricane, Tornado, Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico


Ship to Shore Medical Assist to US, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East


Food and Supplies to the People in the Appalachia Mountain Regions in the US


Humanitarian, Morale, and Charitable Support to the Indigenous Peoples in the US and Cananda


Building Friendships with Allied Nations through the Eagle's Watch Painting and Related works of Art


Resource Mining for Financial Infrastructure Development in Alaska, Africa, and South America


Rescue and Recovery Missions and Support for Related Operations


Infrastructure Utility includig Solar in remote regions of South America and Africa for

financial development and self sustainment


Foundation Support of Charities providing Humanitarian Support around the World


Provide Direct Flight Support through our privately held Air Strips to Charities and

organizations providing humanitarian support around the world


Provide humanitarian support to Allied Troops, Public Safety Organizations, and their families globally


For information on how you can support these initiatives, please submit your proposal and offers to support to:

Eagle's Watch Foundation

200 Lawyers Road, NW #256

Vienna, VA 22183-0256