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Kenneth J. Rathje, Colonel USA

Our Vision of Hope

Colonel of Hope supports United States Veterans and their families throughout the continuum of their transition from the military to civilian life by providing educational and professional development to enable them to regain hope and have a future.



Johm Stufflebeem

Subject Matter Expert Consultant, Veteran.


Mark Casper

President and Executive Officer

Great organization!


Resources for Furloughed Federal Workers



Christina Evans and Best Buddies


Blue Help

Honoring the Service of Law Enforcement Officers

Who Died by Suicide



Michael J. McSellers has served our country as a United States Marine Corps veteran

and has served the Commonwealth of Virginia as a law enforcement office

for over fourteen years and is currently serving in the Northern Virginia area.

Michael has served for over 13 years as a Field Training

He also serves as the Faith Based Liaison for Blue Help

Listen and Watch Michael J.McSellers interview with Reverend Billy Graham


In Home Personal Training &
Online Health Coaching

Helping Women Professionals Reach
Their Health Goals & Start Putting Themselves
First Today Without Sacrificing Their Success

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