Gold Coast K9

We train and deploy hand-selected service dogs for personal and family protection, police agencies,

and school districts. Our training programs rank among the best and most trusted in the world.

Gold Coast K9 trains and develops best-in-class home protection and service dogs. Home companion and protector,

specialized corporate program, or top-tier military or police service animals,

we specialize on providing the dog that meets your exact needs.

We test and measure critical biometric and ability areas and ensure our dogs are extremely well balanced,

sociable, and vigilant. We are committed to providing every client with the best possible solution, every time!

All Gold Coast canines are hand selected and checked for health defects during our extensive screening process. In addition, our conditioning and training program includes constant assessments and reviews to ensure our canines are healthy, strong, and ready for their new life. Our team works with the top breeders throughout the world and we have the utmost confidence in the bloodlines and stable temperament of every one of our canines. Gold Coast K9 will always warranty overall fitness for one year. If the service dog is deemed not healthy by a veterinarian due to a genetic fault, Gold Coast K9 will provide the buyer with another suitable service dog.


Moreover, if at any time during the first year there are any issues with the dog and its performance or fit within your environment, the buyer can do a one-time exchange of the service dog for another of equal or lesser value, Gold Coast K9 always works with and supports our loyal and repeat customers and will consider each situation on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to always ensure you are satisfied and comfortable with your chosen canine protector and companion.

The History of Gold Coast K9

Gold Coast began from one man’s love of dogs and developed into a world class training and performance center. Rodney Spicer transitioned to actual working-dog training in 1985. He purchased his first dog, a beautiful German Shepherd named Arras, and began working obedience skills. Rodney had a natural ability to read and work with Arras and together they were a great team. After some initial success with Arras, Rodney branched out and joined a working dog club, ultimately taking Arras and several other dogs to titles. In 1991, Rodney founded Gold Coast K9. Gold Coast K9 and Rodney went on to successfully compete regionally and nationally as handler, helper/agitator, training director, and judge.
As Gold Coast K9’s capabilities grew through competition, Rodney focused on training police, military, and high-risk private client service dogs in both patrol and detection. Gold Coast K9’s unique, common-sense approach to overcoming real world distractions, pressures, and changing environments, while maintaining drive, enthusiasm, and goal oriented direction set a standard in the K9 training world. Gold Coast K9 teams went on to receive numerous awards including top dog, top agency, agitator’s choice, and medal of valor.


Our World-Class Trainng Facility

Today, Gold Coast K9 has a twenty-acre training facility located in Moorpark, Southern California. The facility is specifically designed to condition, test, and train dogs for their unique environments, from private family protection companion to military working-dog. In addition, the Gold Coast K9 team tests and measures numerous attributes on all our dogs, conducting analysis to support enhanced selection and training techniques for increased performance and reliability.

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