Now in the Washington, DC Community

Have you ever wondered if there was a business forum that was inclusive, with focus on

others needs within the forum, and resulted in your own needs being also considered? That forum does exist

and theyve opened a new opportunity to connect in the Washington, DC community.

Meeting every Tuesday from 0830 - 1030, Eliances starts background on Eliances followed with a with a brief 2-3 point info on those

present, then each share their three "G's", what do you Got (what skills, capabilities, talents), what can you Give (what can you give

to others in the forum, or contribute), and lastly, what do you hope to Get (what do you need or hope to receive from the forum).

Each person has 60 seconds to share.

After that, the forum then does an interaction with each other where you connect with someone

that you think you can assist in their endeavors. Please reach out to me if this is an opportunity you'd like

to pursure. I'll connect you with Dr. Wendy Brisley, the Community Director.

Connect with Dr. Wendy Brisley on Linkedin

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