About the Foundation

Our Mission

"..provide encouragement and charitable support

to those who defend freedom"

A 501 C-3 Nonprofit Corporation

What that looks like in the practical sense

has included the following:

"encouragement and charitable support"

When you are deployed, and those back home want to say thank you

we send sports equipment(Golf equipment, Softball and Baseball Equipment,

Footballs, Soccer Balls, Tennis Shoes, etc), music cd's, create an online music station and

let you pick the music that we program,

provide computer equipment

for families so they can connect with their loved ones.

When they are home...

Gift cards, entertainment such as concerts on military bases,

celebrity visits, pizza and food drops,

send individuals and families on vacation, assitance with

urgent needs on a myriad of levels.

This represents only some of what we have done. We engage based on

1) Need 2) Provision.

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What Some Have Said...

Read it for yourself what Senior Leaders have

said about how we have helped to fulfill our mission

in the lives of those under their command...

Here are a few Articles that have been written

How you can help

Mail your tax deductable charitable donation to

Eagle's Watch Foundation, Inc.

200 Lawyers Road, NW #256

Vienna, VA 22180-0256

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