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About our Editor and Chief

Credentialed by the Inaugural Committee for the 1992 Inauguration

A Father of one of the US Open Player's

He shared about the tremendous experience to attend his Son's event

Provided all business development, advance, coordination for international

programming with multiple countries resulting in overseas film production for

a Private Film Production Company out of Los Angeles, CA

Alone responsible for the over 900,000 visitors at the Air Show at Andrews AFB in 1995





Provided coordination, selection of scene location, developed and secured sponsors,

managed day to day schedule of crew, obtained all permits for film project,

secured all interviews with DV's for film.

Represented U Haul Dealer Mike and Sandy Hall, other private Dealers, and U Haul International

to effectively resolve a situation in the largest county of operation for U Haul International

Eagle's Watch News, Editor and Chief, Dave Minyard

Providing news and information about Community and Country.

A Part of Eagle's Watch Foundation, a 501 C-3 Non Profit

World renowned for it's support to those who defend freedom








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