The men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States protect and defend the

Constitution of the United States of America. Both Military and Civilians are honored at

the 9-11 Memorial inside the Pentagon. Also see the Navy Memorial


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Below are the static images of this sacred room. Appx 50 ft to the left of this room is the center point where Flight 77

struck the Pentagon. There is a place that marks that location. Few are aware of it.




Many would come in and sign the book in the center. There were many kind words from visitors.



To the left of the Purple Heart display, on the table is tracing paper as well as a box

with pencils for people to trace a name of someone or

even the date "Septermber 11, 2001" as many would do. For 16 years, I would sharpen the pencils,

even on the weekend.

I'd have to bring in a portable battery powered pencil sharpener because pencil sharpeners,

even pencils were a rarety in the Pentagon. I provided the pencils during that 16 years.



In the window bay to the left, you see materials there. These are publications put out by the

Pentagon Chaplain's office for emotional and spiritual support

to those who visit this Memorial. I would know, because I would fill it with the publications, including Gideon Bibles.




Not many know the story of Herbert. He called in sick that day, and know one knows why.

If though he had come to work, it wouldn't have mattered because he worked right where flight 77 flew into the Pentagon.




If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Arlington Cemetary

where is a Pentagon shaped Memorial to honor those lost, do so.


This Inside Memorial is adjacent the Pentagon Chapel