Providing morale and charitable support.

With a focus on humanities and humanitarian support to those in need, our goal is to provide that assistance around the world. We have done this both here in the US, and around the world, and will continue to do so.

From starting with support to the Military, Public Safety, their families around the world (US and our Allies), to those in need whereever they may be, those who need food, infrastructure, charitable support, medical support, the basic day to day needs, assisting other Nonprofits that do the same, Eagle's Watch Foundation strives to assist and we continue to be successful at just that.

The words from General Pete Pace (Retired), "I admire all you do, without fanfare or expectation of recognition", and again,

"Through numerous events, programs, and services, the Eagle's Watch Foundation has brought hope and encouragement to so many.

Thank you for making a difference!" .

It is a small way of providing hope in times of need.

Eagle's Watch Foundation is the first and only Nonprofit to have started in the Pentagon.


Honoring the Life and Legacy of

Martin Luther King, Jr on this day 15 Jan 2022

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In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., his family, and his legacy, the above will also be on the below link

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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